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High Power Ceiling LED Lights

Depending on your room décor and preferences, you can go for modern yet sophisticated High Power Ceiling LED Lights or more extravagant and fancy chandeliers.

Flush Lights

Flush lights are flat attachments mounted close to the ceiling and are ideal for medium or large rooms having low ceilings. These lights are quite versatile and come in various designs and styles.

Depending on the size of your room, you can choose the size of the light fixture. For instance, small flush mount fixtures work well in a bathroom, closet, or narrow hallway but larger flush lights are a better option for your bedroom.

Semi-Flush Lights

The semi-flush ceiling light is another versatile and popular light fixture that differs from flush lights because of its length. Typically, semi-flush lights hang 4 to 8 inches below the ceiling once they are mounted and work best in rooms with 8 to 10 feet high ceilings.

High Power Ceiling LED Light with built-in fan

Compound lighting with ceiling fan, beauty, and extravagance in one.

Different colors, designs, and power are available for office, home, or commercial use. Semi & full power flush lights and more.

High Power Ceiling LED Light

Prices are dependent upon the quantity

Wholesale selling of this and other products right at the factory prices. We will quote you a price uncomparable with the rest of the market. After you contact us with detailed specifications of your required product and a quotation is sent, we will communicate with you about the delivery of the product and the way the transaction can be made.

We'll always be in intimate contact with our reputable customers. You will not be disappointed.

Hanshi LED ceiling lights


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