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Track Beaming LED Lights

The Track LED Lights are directional illumination and can be with the continuous track bar installed anywhere. Tracking lights application included Retail shops, showrooms, art galleries, offices, barbershops, and dining rooms. It is a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.


The track luminaire offers superior light output in a small, unobtrusive design. Developed for residential & commercial use. Beautiful and decent as they come. Available in different colors and installation designs.

Electrical Specifications of Track LED Lights

Luminary Type: Integrated LED

Total Lumens: 2550

Color Temperature: 3000K

Color Rendering Index: 90 CRI

Wattage: 33 watts

Number of Light Sources: 3

Average Hours: 50000

The zoomable LED track lamp is designed with an adjustable beam angle from 10° to 60° for delivering flexible light to the needs of different lighting. Especially in the practical application of museums and galleries, the size of different sizes can be flexibly adjusted to the spot size.

Led track light with knob dimmer switch help directly control light by turning the knob to select the light intensity. Normally it is a 0-10V dimming type. It is best to function with track light CCT tunable using together.

Prices are dependent upon the quantity of Track LED Lights

Wholesale selling of this and other products right at the factory prices. We will quote you a price uncomparable with the rest of the market. After you contact us with detailed specifications of your required product and a quotation is sent, we will communicate with you about the delivery of the product and the way the transaction can be made.


We'll always be in intimate contact with our reputable customers. You will not be disappointed.


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