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UFO LED Lights

What Are UFO LED Lights?

These Round High Bays replace metal-halide lights. These High Bay UFO Lights are optimal for industrial and commercial use like factories, warehouses, sports arenas, and gymnasiums.

UFO LED light

UFO LED lights are a type of round high bay light fixture that gets its name from its shape. It resembles a UFO spacecraft. UFO LED lights are round, robust, and impact resistant. It makes them a perfect replacement for metal halide high bays.

Quality Products: Commercial Grade and Industrial Grade UFO LED Lights designed for the toughest environments.

Rugged: They’re durable, high impact and waterproof fixtures ideal for many applications.

Energy Efficiency: They consume 50% to 70% less energy than similar output Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium Fixtures.

Low Maintenance Costs: They provide years of bright, high-quality, maintenance-free lighting without bulb and ballast changes.

Less Heat: They produce significantly less heat than HID bulbs, reducing HVAC loads

Works with Controls: They work well with motion sensors, so you can dim/turn off the lights when the area is void of movement

Dimming: These lights can dim, and that adds to the energy savings.

High-Quality Light Output: These lights come with at least a 70 Color Rendering Index rating, which is a measurement of light quality.

No flickering lights: Unlike fluorescent tubes, you will never see an LED Light flicker.

High Ceilings: No problem! UFOs have the power and optics to get the light you need where you need it.

Under normal operating conditions, you should expect many years of maintenance-free lighting from our high bay UFO lights. On a run rate of 4380 hours per year (12 hours a day X 365 days a year), you could expect 10-15 years of run life.

Best for home use, for commercial use check our High Bay Lights. Different colors, decorations with high luminosity, and wattage.

Whether for commercial or for home use, we have all kinds of varieties available according to your needs, Damp proof, shockproof, & durable.

Prices are dependent upon the quantity of UFO LED lights

Wholesale selling of this and other products right at the factory prices. We will quote you a price uncomparable with the rest of the market. After you contact us with detailed specifications of your required product and a quotation is sent, we will communicate with you about the delivery of the product and the way the transaction can be made.

UFO LED light

We'll always be in intimate contact with our reputable customers. You will not be disappointed.


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