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High Power LED Heating Lights

Used primarily for outdoor and industrial lighting, High Power LED Heating Lights are all about efficiency and lowering forward voltage (Vf) to achieve a higher lumen/watt. Hanshi high-power LEDs are the flagship of the industry and lead the pack in efficiency, helping customers keep their material costs in check and giving manufacturers a broad selection of high-performance LEDs.

High Power LED Heating Light

Hanshi high-power LEDs are multi-die, high-power LED package that provides high luminance from a single package to enable cost-effective, single optic, and directional fixture designs.

Superior lm/W enables outstanding efficacy in the end application

Extremely reliable package design affirms a long lifetime in hash environments.

Robust coating design for enhanced sulfur protection capability

Three voltage configurations (6V, 24V, and 30V) are compatible with low-cost high efficacy drivers

Low Rth enables effective thermal dissipation design for higher efficiency

Hot-color targeting ensures color is within the ANSI bin at 85°C

The 3-step and 5-step MacAdam ellipse binning structure ensures excellent color uniformity

High-power LEDs consume a larger amount of electricity and need a higher current than conventional LEDs, for example, 700mA. They transform the energy supplied into light resp. photons and thereby produce extremely intensive light, but thermal energy as well. That in turn makes cooling necessary. For that reason, at the High Power LED’s backside, there is a metal PCB as a cooling option and for heat dissipation. Frequently the whole housing of a high-performance light diode serves as a cooling element.

Prices are dependent upon the quantity of High Power LED Heating Lights

Wholesale selling of this and other products right at the factory prices. We will quote you a price uncomparable with the rest of the market. After you contact us with detailed specifications of your required product and a quotation is sent, we will communicate with you about the delivery of the product and the way the transaction can be made.

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